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CLICK PHOTO for the Story about how ABLE FIT and its co-founders Sarah Parison and Lillie Visa are "Empowering Differently Abled Individuals Through Weightlifting and Community!


As two speech-language pathologists with a passion for fitness, Sarah and Lillie created ABLE FIT, PLLC to bring weightlifting to the differently abled community and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves—physically, mentally and socially. Individuals with developmental disabilities, like autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome, often present with differences in muscle tone, coordination, motor planning and sensory systems, which can negatively impact their physical movement and speech production. At ABLE FIT, our goal is to provide differently-abled individuals access to weightlifting by meeting each participant at their current level. We provide the appropriate level of support to increase each individual's strength, motor coordination and confidence in a supportive and social environment. With highly specialized, experienced and patient coaches, ABLE FIT participants excel physically, mentally and socially in all aspects of their lives. ABLE FIT strives to be an example and set a higher standard for how to include the differently-abled population in our gyms, workplaces and communities.


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